APS Nutrition Phenadrine

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APS Nutrition Phenadrine

APS Nutrition Phenadrine - 60 Caps

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APS Nutrition Phenadrine - 60 Caps

APS Nutrition

Fat Burner


Based on a carefully crafted unique matrix of proven and effective agents, coupled with advanced and highly innovative compounds at potent pharmaceutical-grade doses, Phenadrine effortlessly takes versatility and synergy to completely new levels. With a two-in-one punch, Phenadrine fuses advanced lipolytic stimulation and intense workout potentiation like no other supplement. A standard setter, Phenadrine will deliver results right from the first dose. Every time! No tolerance build up! No hit-and-miss! Phenadrine was engineered to work; to catapult your performance to a new league. Get ready for the most intense workout and fat-melting experience of your life!

Product details:

  • Unparalleled pre-workout and fat-incinerating results
  • The most intense workout of your life. Every time!
  • Intense focus, concentration, mental clarity and alertness
  • Previously unknown levels of jitter-free energy with no crashes
  • Dramatic boost in energy and physical performance
  • Advanced multiple pathways for rapid and effective fat-loss
  • Increased vascularity and pump
  • Enhanced protein synthesis and elevated testosterone production
  • Modulation of estrogen and cortisol levels
  • Improved sexual performance