NutraClipse Testavate 500

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NutraClipse Testavate 500

NutraClipse Testavate 500 - 90 Caps

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NutraClipse Testavate 500 - 90 Caps


Testosterone Booster


If you’re looking to increase your strength and shock your body into rapidly building bigger muscles, and at the same time get leaner and do it naturally, then Testavate 500 is for you. And if you need to raise your natural testosterone production when coming off an anabolic steroid cycle through PCT (post cycle therapy), then Testavate 500 is a must-have.

Clinical research shows that Bulbine Natalensis can boost testosterone levels 347% compared with a baseline control group (1). As bodybuilders and athletes know, testosterone plays the dominant role in the development of male primary and secondary sexual characteristics, while at the same time being highly myotropic. Testosterone helps support a myotropic environment at the cellular level by interacting with the androgen receptor to promote increased protein synthesis, muscle mass, and strength. It also has the ability to aid lipolysis (fat loss) and improve insulin sensitivity - making your food intake more likely to turn into muscle instead of fat.