PES Shift

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PES Shift

PES Shift - 60 Caps

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PES Shift - 60 Caps


Fat Burner


PES Shift is back with a new formula and new look! This ultra potent non-stimulant fat burner was a favourite among bodybuilders and is now been brought back in an even more powerful formula! How does Shift work? By raising your metabolic rate! There are many ways to increase your metabolic rate and PES Shift does them all.

Increase Thyroid Hormone - This is directly responsible for increasing your metabolic rate. Many people have below normal thyroid hormone, which is why they are overweight and often tired. Shift increases your thyroid hormone helping you lose weight and have more energy. It does it with Olive Leaf Extract.

Stimulates Brown Adipose Tissue - Unlike other fat in the body, Brown Adipose Tissue is a furnace in the body that helps burn more calories than any other tissue in the body. If you can stimulate it, you can burn more fat. This is what Shift does! It does it with Aframomum Melegueta.

Beta 2 and Beta 3 Agonism - By working with these two receptors, Shift can help elevate your metabolism in the body.

Increase cAMP - When Shift increases your cAMP levels, it helps boost all the methods above that we talked about. Overall increasing fat burning.