Purus Labs CREagyn

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Purus Labs CREagyn

Purus Labs CREagyn - 35 Serves

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Purus Labs CREagyn - 35 Serves

Purus Labs



Packed with creatine and glycerol

Whether strength or endurance is your goal, Purus Labs Creagyn is your answer. Creagyn features an advanced combination of Magnapower Magnesium Creatine Chelate and Hydromax Glycerol for a superior workout priming formula that will have you breaking records and surpassing personal goals. This unflavored, stimulant-free powder allows consumers to add a boost of performance-enhancing creatine and glycerol to virtually anything, providing a convenient, economical option for performance enhancement anywhere, and anytime!

Magnesium creatine

Creagyn delivers expanded strength, endurance, and hydration with creatine, a high energy molecule that significantly enhances muscular performance and growth when combined with exercise. Creagyn features magnesium creatine, an advanced form of the amino with higher bioavailability and less negative side effects for even greater results in performance and muscle growth.