USPlabs SuperCissus RX NEW

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USPlabs SuperCissus RX NEW

USPlabs SuperCissus RX NEW - 150 Caps

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USPlabs SuperCissus RX NEW - 150 Caps


Joint Strength


Over the last four years bodybuilders, athletes and everyday individuals have improved their quality of life using a rare, but potent extract of a herb native to India (Cissus Quadrangularis) - called SuperCissus RX™.

The key ingredient in SuperCissus RX™, Cissus Quadrangularis:

  • Contains compounds that may work to promote tendon and ligament health.
  • Has been shown to inhibit the proliferation of cytokines, the signaling molecules that may have a negative effect upon joint health.
  • Is Shellfish-free.
  • Has been used for centuries in Ayruvedic Medicinal System.
  • Does not contain glucosamine, choindroitin or msm.
  • Is Stimulant-Free

Through much trial and error... not to mention costs... our research team has perfected the extraction process. This is crucial to getting results. Get the extract wrong and you might as well be swallowing dirt.

In fact, the extract in SuperCissus RX is backed by United States Patent #7,582,316.

SuperCissus RX is the only capsule product in the world to contain this specific extract!

We have "juiced-up" SuperCissus RX™ so much that each capsule is loaded with only the crucial ketosterones that will keep your joints in peak condition.